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Our mission is to promote a new cultural definition, understanding, and means of experiencing art.

Art should be for everyone. Art makes us feel connected and tapped into the underlying root system of human communication. Art inspires a sense of awe and wonder about not only our own human disposition but humanity as a whole. It builds on our sense of self value and engages us to think critically and independently. Art protests binaries, highlights nuance, and presents a view of the world based on quality – challenging and progressing our cultural value system. Art gives meaning and mode to life. 


Too often, art is accessible only to those with a certain level of education or wealth. La Serra aims to transform the way we culturally understand art; breaking down social and financial barriers. La Serra translates to “the greenhouse” in Italian. It captures not only the history of the land the nonprofit is located on, but also our approach to how we intend to challenge current paradigms. A greenhouse is a fertile place where the conditions are optimal for things to grow. At La Serra, we intend to craft an environment where the conditions are right for innovative ideas that progress our mission allowing meaningful experiences to grow. We believe those ideas and experiences will equip us and our community to challenge and progress our culture in a direction that is better prepared to navigate the political, social and environmental challenges of our time.

La Serra Collective has three branches: La Serra Design, La Serra Studios and La Serra In Bloom.
  • Through a tiered pricing system we aim to provide people with home goods at a quality level that will inspire and a price point that fits their individual budget.
  • La Serra Studios is a residency program providing space and time to creatives from every background. If you have an idea that aligns with our mission, we want to help bring that to fruition. Creating a diverse community of passionate people under the auspice of expanding what art can be and do is our idea of a think tank that can change the world.
  • La Serra in Bloom is our take on what a thoughtful and immersive art experience and gallery should be. By providing a hyper curated experience, we hope people leave with an expanded idea of all the ways art manifests and likely already exists in their lives. 


Below is our working definition of art. Whether you agree with it, or think you can improve it, we’d love your help in bringing art to its full potential in our culture. 

“Art is the liminal space between a person and a moment of reality in which the person is at once not only aware of their own humanity but also of humanity as a whole”