PRASAD and La Serra Collective are teaming up for a fundraiser during the Denver Anagama kiln unloading. 

Every year, artists from around the country travel to Denver to fire the more than 20-foot Anagama Kiln, built by La Serra’s founder, John Domenico. The large kiln is fired round-the-clock over the course of a week and contains thousands of pieces of ceramic art work. 

Join us for live music, appetizers, mocktails and wine, an opportunity to tour the La Serra studio, and a raffle drawing. Prizes include your selection of La Serra Design objects straight from the Anagama and more!

When: Sat. Aug. 19th from 2-5pm

Where: La Serra Studio and Denver Anagama kiln at 1946 E. 66th Ave Denver


PRASAD is raising money to fund toilets for two schools in India. Can you imagine if your school didn’t have toilets? Or there was only one, shared by 200 students and teachers so that while trying to concentrate on learning, you were distracted by how, when, and where you were going to relieve yourself?

 This is the case for many school children in the rural communities in India and affects everyone, but women and girls are at higher risk. PRASAD is doing something about it, and together we can support their work.

PRASAD is a global charitable organization committed to improving the quality of life of economically disadvantaged people around the world. 

La Serra

La Serra Collective is on a mission to promote a new cultural definition, understanding and means of experiencing art. 

One way we’re achieving that mission is through La Serra Design, a collection of handmade objects on a tiered pricing system so that they’re not only more economically accessible but also inspire us to reflect on the value of handmade goods and role of art in our day to day lives. 

La Serra Design’s first line includes a coffee pour over, pot and cup. All will be available during the event, and profits will be shared between La Serra Collective and PRASAD. 



Please RSVP through the Zeffy form below. You can add a donation that will be split between PRASAD and La Serra Collective during registration, or you can make a charitable contribution during the event. During sign-up, Zeffy will automatically apply a donation to their service, you can use the drop down menu to adjust the amount to whatever you see fit.