Fico – Italian for fig – is the daily workhorse cup. Sleek design and a comfy handle make it ideal for your daily cup of brew. Better yet, bring it to your local cafe and impress the barista with a cup that is the perfect volume for a cappuccino.

Fico is made from our durable, translucent high alumina porcelain, and shock resistant clear glaze. All materials are food safe and lead free. Not intended for stovetop use. Dishwasher & Microwave Safe

Due to the handmade process and nature of our glazing technique no two objects are the same and will vary slightly from the product photos. To learn more about tiered pricing, read more below.

$ Seed

The seed tier is what we have calculated as our exact cost of production. Meaning it covers the costs we have just layed out, but does not make a profit. Covering costs means it keeps the doors open and the lights on, which we are incredibly grateful for! This tier furthers our mission of getting these objects into peoples homes. 

$$ Bud

The Bud tier is a 30% increase from base cost. This provides us with resources to expand and reinvest into La Serra’s Design line. For each object you purchase at this level it enters you into a monthly raffle to win a piece from our current featured artist.

$$$ Bloom

The bloom tier is where you can make the biggest impact. Not only will we reinvest in the Design line, but it also contributes to our artist residency program and exhibition space. Plus, your purchase enters you twice into the raffle to win a piece from that month’s featured artist.


How are La Serra items made and why tiered pricing?

At La Serra we implement industrial means of production—such as slip casting and Ram Press—while maintaining hands-on detail to dramatically lower the production cost of the pieces we make. All products are made from clays and glazes we specially formulate to balance durability, function,  and aesthetic. Every product is finished with hands on detail and is signed by the individual who finished the piece. This hands on attention guarantees that while no two pieces are exactly alike they all meet our standards of quality. 

La Serra believes that living with beautiful things, each unique and handmade, can have profound impacts on our daily lives. A cabinet of curated one-of-a-kind objects provokes a different perspective than that of a cabinet of generic, disposable items. We believe everyone should have the opportunity for an object to inspire introspection, shift your perspective, and transform your approach to the day – even if ever so subtly.   Tiered pricing allows you the freedom to engage at whatever level your personal situation allows and progresses our mission of getting these objects into peoples homes. At La Serra, our prices are broken into three tiers: Seed, Bud and Bloom. If able, we hope you engage at one of the two higher levels, and are so grateful for your support and engagement in any form. To learn more about your impact at each tier read on below or watch our video on tiered pricing. 

We hope the objects we make will grow your interest in curating your life and inspire you to explore the works of other artists. Transforming our perspective around art and the ways we live with it can elevate the ways we envision the world. Thank you! 


Additional information

Weight.6 lbs
Dimensions4.75 × 3.75 × 2.75 in

John Domenico


260ml , 8.5oz

Support Level

Seed, Bud, Bloom


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