Why is La Serra hosting an Economics Workshop?

Advanced economic modeling may seem far from La Serra’s central mission in the fine arts. At its core, however, this advanced workshop highlights the creative components of representing human systems. Building new models of economic relationships carries many of the same principles fundamental to art. These include applying a craft with perspective and reflection. The workshop sponsorship supports our mission of expanding our thinking about art and building an interdisciplinary collective. We aim to highlight these interdisciplinary connections and the essential role Art and Artistic living has on our lives. As an organization aimed at shifting value systems, we are honored to host renowned economists whose job it is to analyze these very value systems.

June 2-4, 2024
Balistreri Vineyards
Denver, CO USA

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This workshop is intended for researchers interested in exploring advanced economic modeling techniques and state-of-the-art software development for general-equilibrium analysis of policy. The workshop is an intensive two-day course. The methodological presentation is advanced, but includes operational open-source models available for application to current research questions. Discussion will include insights into creative extensions and best practices for model development. Sessions will combine lectures on theoretical underpinnings with numerical applications.

Expected Benefits

Workshop participants will develop practical skills in the art of merging economic theory with data to quantify the economy-wide effects of policy regulations based on quantitative general equilibrium analysis. Participants will be provided data packages and state-of-the-art models along with instruction on their operation within the GAMS language. Ideally, participants gain a working knowledge of an established model that they can apply to their research agenda. Balistreri Vineyard will host an opening reception and dinner for participants on Sunday evening. Lunches will be provided Monday and Tuesday. At the end of the day on Monday and Tuesday we will have a guided tour, wine tasting, and fine arts presentation to include the activities of La Serra and Balistreri Vineyards.Participants will receive a handmade coffee cup by La Serra Design signifying their participation.


Edward J. Balistreri
Duane Acklie College of Business Yeutter Institute Chair,University of Nebraska—Lincoln

Christoph Böhringer
Professor of Economic Policy, Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldenburg

Thomas F. Rutherford
Professor Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, University of Wisconsin, Madison.


The registration fees are as follows:
There will be a limit of 15 participants. Enrollment will be on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Requirements and Preperation

Participants should be familiar with graduate-level microeconomics including mathematical programming, consumer theory in the primal and dual, producer theory, competitive general equilibrium theory, and the welfare theorems including second-best considerations. Participants should be familiar with the GAMS language—tutorials and examples can be downloaded from the GAMS website (link to GAMS Tutorials and Examples), which also provides a free trial version. There are also several tutorials available on YouTube. A temporary license will be provided to registered participants that extends the capabilities of the free community license. We expect participants to have a laptop with GAMS installed.